Sunday, January 15, 2012

In Lieu of a Resolution

I have decided to make a 101 in 1001 list. These are 101 tasks that I would like to complete in the next 1001 days. I'm telling the world (albeit the small blogger world), and in doing so, hopefully it'll give me the accountability I need to accomplish as many as I can. So set yourself a calendar reminder for Sunday, October 12, 2014.  I'd better get busy. Here's the list:
  1. make pasta from scratch
  2. write down a haiku 
  3. watch a classic movie 
  4. read a classic book 
  5. go to a concert 
  6. at least 10 random acts of kindness 
  7. go to an amusement park 
  8. go skiing 
  9. go on a fabulous exotic vacation 
  10. go hiking 
  11. participate in a multi-event competition 
  12. go to a football game 
  13. make jam 
  14. learn Spanish on Rosetta Stone 
  15. invent (and write down) 10 new recipes 
  16. take the GRE 
  17. go to DC 
  18. qualify for the Boston marathon 
  19. run the Boston marathon 
  20. knit something 
  21. host a party 
  22. star gaze 
  23. go on a picnic 
  24. buy a house 
  25. cook a three course meal 
  26. be on a fantasy sports team 
  27. change a flat tire
  28. see 123 and maintain for one month 
  29. make an article of clothing 
  30. go rock climbing
  31. take a cooking class 
  32. facebook/twitter fast for a month 
  33. buy a house 
  34. go to a film festival 
  35. go to a food festival 
  36. watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy 
  37. watch the Star Wars trilogy 
  38. run a 5K under 21:00 
  39. get a massage 
  40. get a bike 
  41. sleep in a tent 
  42. go surfing 
  43. make creme brulee
  44. relearn how to play euchre 
  45. drink an expensive glass of wine 
  46. finish my CEUs
  47. blog at least twice a week for three months straight 
  48. go to a painting class 
  49. clean up school documents
  50. go to the opera 
  51. go to the Nutcracker 
  52. go geocaching 
  53. plant herbs and maintain them from three months 
  54. buy a new dining room set 
  55. clean out school email
  56. start grad school 
  57. keep a one sentence a day journal for one month 
  58. watch The Girl With series in Swedish 
  59. bake a proper loaf of bread 
  60. batting cages
  61. watch a documentary film 
  62. try a new flavor of ice cream 
  63. use the raclette 
  64. take a road trip 
  65. go to a new restaurant 
  66. visit Laurel and Jeremy 
  67. perfect/can pizza sauce
  68. swim laps for fitness 10 times 
  69. unsubscribe from junk email 
  70. read 10 books I own but haven’t read yet 
  71. drink sake 
  72. 25 positive parent contacts 
  73. eat banh mi 
  74. go to a musical or play 
  75. complete a no spend month 
  76. print out and hang this list in my office 
  77. visit 5 museums 
  78. go to trivia night 
  79. buy something on etsy 
  80. practice guitar every day for a month 
  81. fix TMJ
  82. go dancing 
  83. write 5 letters of praise for good service 
  84. do not use the dryer for one month 
  85. grill meat 
  86. take a dance class 
  87. go to a UK game 
  88. see a comedian perform
  89. subscribe to a Sunday paper 
  90. learn how to give myself smoky eyes 
  91. score 100 in bowling 
  92. can proper pizza sauce 
  93. make dinner from scratch in 20 minutes 
  94. send 10 personal letters 
  95. roll out with foam roller every night for a month
  96. move 
  97. get a manicure 
  98. get a pedicure 
  99. watch a sunset 
  100. put away $5 for each completed task - buy something wonderful for myself with it
  101. donate $5 for each uncompleted task to Youth Villages 


  1. I love this list Patti! Especially "Fix TMJ" and "give myself smokey eyes" - both made me laugh (sorry :)) You'll have to update us as you check things off!