Thursday, April 23, 2015


Spargel is German for asparagus. And this is how Spargel usually appears on German plates:

What's that you say? You'd like to learn more about Spargel? I thought so.
  • Germans go gaga for white asparagus for the two or so months that it's in season. What the tomato is to Ripley, TN in August, the Spargel is to Germany in May. 
  • White asparagus is actually the same variety as green; it's just grown underground to prohibit the chlorophyll (or something science-y like that). 
  • Asparagus was brought to Germany by the Romans and has been used as both an aphrodisiac and contraceptive over the years. 
  • Germans love Spargel so much that they even shape their (vanilla) ice cream into asparagus spears. 

To celebrate the commencement of Spargelzeit, I made a new asparagus recipe. I followed the recipe here, but it's very simple. After washing and trimming the spears, dunk them in an egg mixture and then in a bread crumbs + parmesan cheese + corn starch mixture. Bake for 12-20 minutes at 400 degrees, depending on how narrow your spears are. I baked these for 12.

After they cooled a bit, I ate them dipped in a mayonnaise + lemon juice + S&P mixture. Delicious! (But if we're being honest, an old piece of leather would be delicious if dipped in mayo and LJ.)

I liked them so much, I decided to do the same treatment to some cauliflower florets. Again, yum! I'm thinking broccoli would also work.

Happy Spargelzeit!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Big Break

My school was featured on one Memphis's local news stations as the "Cool School of the Week." Lucky me, I got to be interviewed, and I thoroughly appreciated the 30 seconds of notification I got. I'm generally terrible in front of the camera, and the more time I have to think about it, the worse I get. I think I did a'ight here. If the video doesn't play, you can go to this link for another view. And if that doesn't work, sorry, this is a low-tech blog.

In other school news, we are changing the theme of our summer workshop to "A Trip Around the World." For the last three years it's been Hollywood, as seen here. So my beloved MGM and Hollywood signs need to be replaced by maps and airplanes. I started work on a world map, and it's even bigger than Hollywood, clocking in at 8' by 14'. I'll keep you updated on my progress on what's beginning to feel like my life's work. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

How I Spent My Mourning

The undefeated were defeated, and I felt simply deflated. In order to soothe my fandom suffering, I threw myself the perfect Pattiwagon day today. Easter Monday was school holiday, and the Charleswood air improved my mood and got me psyched for summer.

My agenda: 

1. Sleep in, drink coffee and linger over my favorite crossword puzzle. 

2. Get to baking. While I haven't made very much sourdough lately, I've kept my starter on life support. I got two loaves of bread going, and with my discard cup, I made pineapple/carrot/banana/coconut muffins. LOVE that combo! The muffins are a little strange but a lot edible.

3. Go for a run. 5 miles. Not too shabby. 

4. Make a completely easy and completely inauthentic arroz con pollo.

5. Refashion a shirt, make a skirt, and top with great-grandmother lace.

The shirt started out as a giant long-sleeved top, which I turned tank. The skirt was a new creation. I bought five yards of this versatile chambray denim a few months ago, and a gathered skirt seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it. I wanted to incorporate some lace into the outfit and debated between making side cutouts or putting a patch on the back like I did here. I settled with just putting on this mini lace vest over the top. I love the juxtaposition of prison chic and delicate antiquity. I might end up chopping the skirt off a few inches, as I have a well-documented love of short skits, but at least now, I can wear it to work. 

6. Watch the championship (maybe) and cheer for Duke (maybe). And begin the countdown until next season.