Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Perfect Saturday Morning

I think everyone has his or her own idea of a perfect Saturday morning. Mine just happens to be quite specific. Here are some details:

I. Food

    1.  Cooks Illustrated Buttermilk pancakes

        This is the best pancake recipe I've tried.  They are the perfect combination of tang and 
        sweetness, and the perfect texture, crunchy greasy on the edges and pillowy in the 
        middle, and  And you can never go wrong with Cook's Illustrated. I never have     
        buttermilk on hand, so I just substitute one tablespoon of vinegar and a cup of whole 

        I much prefer to top my pancakes with jam instead of syrup.  I guess it's the German 
        in me.  Try it.  You might have some German in you, too. 

    2. Eggs
        These can be scrambled with sour cream or cooked over medium.
 On this particular 
        morning, I had some leftover ham that I threw into the scrambled eggs, along with a 
        tablespoon of shredded cheese and the prerequisite sour cream.

    3. Meat
        Bacon, sausage patties, and ham are all acceptable and welcome options.

II. Beverage

Coffee, from the Keurig. Two cups. Black.

III. Activities

    1. Pre-breakfast run
    2. Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle (Go here. Print out. Admire the cleverness of    
    3. Season permitting, a trip to the farmer's market, timing it to coincide with the 
        broadcast of my favorite radio show

Lack of time and my desire to eat reasonably limit the number of perfect Saturdays for me, but perhaps that's what makes them so special. 

Thought to ponder: What does your perfect Saturday morning look like? 


  1. Just seeing this picture reminds me so much of you! The mug, the mechanical pencil...although back in the day you were eating oatmeal, not pancakes.

    My perfect Saturdays lately have included watching tv and playing on the computer in bed. I can't wait for coffee to be a part again!

  2. Thanks for the egg suggestion. I tried it with sour cream and hot Pace salsa--delish!