Sunday, February 19, 2012

Take it or Weave it

Big news! I have become a weaver.  And very high-tech weaver at that. 

My thread, cut up t-shirts.

My loom, a hula hoop.

My finished product, a rug!

You too can become a weaver.  I got the instructions from this website.  (Shhh!  Don't tell anyone it's on the "Easy Crafts for Kids" section.) 

Now I'm not totally thrilled with it.  First of all, rainbow colors are not really my style and don't match the rest of my house.  And I feel like it could be a bit bigger.  But the process was so easy and thrifty that I might've become hooked.  I have been wanting to cover this broken heat vent in my mini-hallway for a long time, but the size of this area is a bit awkward for both runners and 5x7 rugs. 

So I'm thinking I could make a rectangular loom out of balsa wood from Michael's, use the same technique, but end up with an oval rug.  Why is it that any new project always leads to more ideas?  Ahh, the blessings and curses of a craftster...

Here are more photos of the rug in progress:

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