Sunday, July 29, 2012

Canning Camp: 2006-2012

At the end of Canning Camp, my aunt and I sat down and found pictures and data from almost all of our years of canning.  Sadly we did not document 2006.  The following post is basically a "Dear Canning Diary" entry.  I want to get everything in the one place, so when we're up to canning 500 jars, we can look back and laugh at our neophytism.  So basically, this is a selfish post. Deal with it. 

2006: No photos, but Aunt Jane, Grandma Molly, Cousin BJ and I canned juice. (I'm sure by the truckload.)

2007: No group photo, but we canned 102 jars and 16.5 gallons. (Laurel wrote a post about this year here.)

2008: 139 jars and 18 gallons. (How professional do we look in our aprons?) 

 2009: 133 jars and 20.5 gallons

 2010: 181 jars and 24.5 gallons

 2011: 218 jars and 26.3 gallons

2012: 275 jars and 33.3 gallons

2013: I'm setting the over-under at 248.5. I'll begin taking bets next week. 

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