Monday, July 23, 2012

Lilly Refashioned: Part 2

Lilly Refashioned: Part 2a
In addition to the palazzo pants, I was bestowed another Lilly garment to refashion while visiting my parents. Inspired by the Floridian lifestyle, my sewing sage and I tackled the project. 

The Before: 
(This is what I look like when I haven’t showered or changed clothes in 36 hours because US Airways lost my luggage, in case you were wondering. In addition, yes, my tan lines have reached a new level of severity.)
My sister got this dress on a family vacation over ten years ago. It has faint stains all along the bottom, especially in the front. Hmm. Midwifery? Food butchery? Rust Belt livery? I believe the mystery might tell a more interesting story than the truth, so let’s imagine her cradling an injured sea turtle while on an excursion to the Galapagos. Bravery. 

Clearly the garment wasn’t going to work as a dress. But a top? We shall see. I whacked it just below the waist, thinking this might be a one-step refashion. The dress is very well structured, and the back has great detail. But I was unhappy with the effortless top. It looked like a dress I chopped off just below the waist. Weird.

My instinct was to keep the empire waist but make the body fuller. I inserted two triangular panels on the sides. Done and Done.

Now I’m not totally thrilled with it. The bell shape is too pronounced, but I’m taking it home. I have an idea the look may transform if I wear it with skinny jeans.

The After:
Let's just call it a work in progress.

Lilly Refashioned: Part 2b
With the extra fabric, my mom made a purse. She has instructions on her blog.


Adorable, right? 

And this is how much fabric is left. Coin purse? Dollhouse curtains? Monkey headdress?

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