Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update: Peach Honey

I write this post with much reluctance. I feel like I've found the Ark of the Covenant! And let's be honest; teaching isn't bringing in the millions. The following could. 

I have great difficulty keeping things like this to myself. So, cat, bag, exit. (And apologies in advance for the lack of photos. I've been too excited about this to take any pictures.)


Peach honey is amazing!!!!!!! (That's seven exclamation points, if you're counting. It deserves about a million.)

I'm halfway through my second jar, and I made it less than a week ago. Granted, I am a condiment junkie. I don't think I can continue at this rate, but I want to!!!!! (Five.)

I've had it solo, mixed in with my overnight oats and on toast. Simple. Delicious. 

But it really shines in a savory context. I started basic: equal parts PH and spicy mustard. Great on a ham or turkey sandwich. Mix in mayo for a honey mustard dip. Mix in olive oil (and a splash of vinegar) for honey mustard salad dressing. 

I turned my attention to meat last night. I had several bone-in chicken breast halves, so I made a glaze with peach honey, soy sauce, spicy mustard, and a bit of oil. Baked 30 minutes at 400. What could be wrong with that? Um, nothing. What could be right? Everything. So, so good. 

I mixed in more olive oil and a splash of white wine vinegar to the PH+soy sauce+ mustard combo and dressed my salad with that today. Yeah, you guessed it. Another winner.  

The cogs started turning. The following things happened after school today: PH+ buffalo sauce!!! PH+barbecue  sauce!! PH+hot Chinese mustard!! It is impossible to strike out with this stuff.

I have yet to try these: PH+salsa, PH+gravy, PH+Acetaminophen, PH+shampoo, PH+aloe. Next blog post.

So, back to the Ark of the Covenant. How/why is this not more popular? It's not terribly complicated to prepare. And it's certainly worth the effort. PW's Peach Honey. Trademark it. Who wants to be my business partner? 

No? Well, you can and should make it at home. Why? YOLO. And peach honey should be a part of it!!!


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