Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bulletin Boarding

If you ever hear about a job posting for professional bulletin boarder, LET ME KNOW!  I have loved doing stuff like this since I was kid.  

(I won the 8th grade science fair not just based on the merit of the experiment [the effects of caffeine on mealworms], but mostly based on my display board graphics. A worm drinking coffee and reading a book? The judges had no choice but to award me 1st place.)

I decorate the bulletin board on my hallway, and I'm always trying to think of fresh ideas. I haven't always been good about getting photos, but here are a few recent ones. If you have any great bulletin board ideas, send them my way! 

Thanksgiving theme - have the students write things for which they are thankful on feathers and place them around the turkey. 

Mustache theme - I don't try to understand why mustaches are so trendy. But I do try to appeal to the students' interest. And for some reason, their interests right now lie in mustaches.

Foreign language theme - I love the interactive quality, and the fact that the viewer might learn something practical. 

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