Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Time to Stock the Freezer

During the summer, I am extremely loosey goosey with my meals. I eat when I'm hungry without much thought to meal planning. This summer, I was trying to save money, so I was loosey-goosey on a budget. That means trying to scrounge up every morsel of food in my house and make it into something edible. (Example: We ordered way too many pizzas for our summer workshop, so I was happy to take home five of the ten extras. I ate pizza for every meal for four days.)

With the start of the school year, I am forced into a much more structured life, which is a great thing. No more loosey goosey. So this past weekend, when I didn't yet have any papers to grade or parents to call, I did some freezer-stocking.

Even when freezer stocking, I try to use what I have. What I had was some leftover ham from canning camp. (Aunt Jane never fails to fill me up nicely!) After some recipe investigating, I settled on homemade hot pockets. I love a Hot Pocket as much as anyone, but I don't love the additives or the price tag. This is what I did to make my own:

I started by making my beloved King Arthur sourdough pizza dough recipe. After it rose, I divvied it up into 16 segments and rolled one out. I piled it with ham and provolone. 
Next, I simply folded the edges over and sealed them with water. 
I placed each one on a baking sheet and topped them with a mixture of parmesan cheese and garlic powder. I froze them unbaked, so when I'm jonesing for a hot pocket, I'll need to bake one in the oven for about 15 minutes. 
I tested one out and delicious hot pocketry abounded! 
After the hot pockets, I made two recipes of my enchiladas, one black bean, one chicken and and an eggplant lasagna, a recipe for which is coming soon. And my freezer went from drab to fab! 

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  1. the jager in the back!

    and those hot pockets look di-vine.