Monday, January 19, 2015

Tres Años! Drei Jahre! Trois Années!

Happy Three Year (+three weeks) Blogiversary to me! Yes, I have been quite remiss in the past months on the blogging wagon. I know. "My" internet has been unreliable, but I'm here today. So, hi! For those still with me, thanks for reading! You're the real MVP of this blog.

I thought I'd hit some odds and ends around here today. Check back for my annual book post soon. And you know there are sourdough and oatmeal posts lurking around here somewhere, because roots (as in, those are mine). 

Bulletin Boarding
You knew a new post wouldn't be without a new bulletin board. Frozen's popularity isn't just reserved for 2nd graders. The kids and teachers loved this geometry puzzle.

The ceramics teacher at Lewisburg very kindly offered a lesson to teachers last semester. Based on the work he displays, he is a phenomenal teacher. We teachers all made mugs, and I'm so pleased with mine. It brought me back to Mrs. Doolen's ceramics class at Harrison High School, where I created a multitude of misshapen vases, which now decorate the homes of my family members. (They must love me.) Sorry, but this mug's for me.



I sewed like crazy the week before Christmas, making a few gifts. Casserole carriers for my mom and sister and a fuzzy poncho for Michael and Corrie's baby. (Look at all those blogs. Bloggers = cool people)

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