Monday, June 8, 2015

Catch-up Post #1: Tie Dye

This July I'll be teaching my usual summer camp. This will be the 7th year I've done it, and while you'd think we'd be good to go this year, we have a brand new test, brand new theme, and brand new school. So, yeah, not good to go. But we still have a month to get there.

Our theme is "Around the World" (a post on that later), and we'll be reading and doing activities from four countries. We have to find things that appeal to kids but can still involve learning. One of the activities we are going to incorporate is tie dyeing. Who doesn't love tie dye? And there's gotta be a math lesson there, right? In preparation for leading forty kids in a tie dye lesson, I needed to practice, and practice in bulk.

So, long story short, that's how I came to be tie dyeing here on the Patti Wagon. I spent one day last week trying out different methods and dyes on over-sized t-shirts. Not really having any use for a bunch of over-sized tees, I refashioned them into swimsuit coverups and tanks.

Annnnnnnddd, you can buy these tanks on my Etsy! That's right, Patti Wagon Designs has an Etsy.

This purple one is my favorite tie dye design.

But this macrame is my favorite shirt design.

I'm not a huge fan of this tie dye, but I would like to do more with the weaving macrame. After I hone my six pack, that is.