Sunday, December 3, 2017

Fashion Challenge: Week 16

Despite the nearing conclusion* to the fashion challenge, I've got four brand new outfits for this week.

*Debating on whether or not to continue the challenge in January. I've got the clothes to wear, but I'm longing to pull out some of my old favorites for a re-wear. Stay tuned for my decision.

On to the outfits!

Monday (Day 50):
Baby blue cable-knit sweater from the Gap that I'm thinking was a Christmas present many years ago and gray plaid pants from my dear Target. Topped with pearls, I'm ready for Chapel Hill.

Tuesday (Day 51):
This dress was given to me by a colleague last year. It is a bit too big, but I remedied the length by just hacking a few inches off the bottom. Polyester blend means no hemming needed! Wore it with a black Banana blazer.

Wednesday (Day 52):
Another Christmas sweater from Ann Taylor Loft with J. Crew black pants and my beloved Target riding boots.

Thursday (Day 53):
Super cheap (and poorly made) dress from Target that has somehow survived many wearings over the last ten years. I love this dress, but it defies the laws of nature. I'm not complaining though; hopefully it'll last me another ten years. In the winter I wear it with leggings and a sweater, here a camel-colored Limited cardigan (which, yes, has appeared before in the challenge).

Saturday (Bonus (brag) Day!):
This was my outfit on Saturday for the St. Jude (half) marathon in Memphis. While I was signed up for the full, I decided in October to downgrade to the half. It was disappointing at the time; however, the half was so enjoyable and manageable that I may just opt for that distance for the foreseeable future. We shall see.

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