Saturday, June 23, 2012

Six Bullets for your Saturday

  • iTunes shuffle - This has been an issue for me for some time. Does anyone else find that iTunes shuffle does not work? It seems like it only plays the songs you play the most. But isn't the point of listening it music on shuffle to hear songs you haven't heard in awhile?? I listen to an iPod SHUFFLE when I run, and I always find myself skipping through the tracks I hear all the time. (First world problem)

  • Euro Fußball - Deutschland gewinnt. Alles gesagt. (And Poldi's pulchritude (swoon) inspired me to make this Hey Girl parody. Translation: Hey Girl, I'll win this Euro trophy for you. Afterwards we can cuddle.) 

  • Did I tell you I got attacked by a lion? No? Well, I didn't. I was involved in a shipwreck though. True story. (Excuse the injury photo. I just can't help myself.) 

  • Fish tacos with mango salsa - The consummate summer meal, in my opinion. 

  • Food Mourn - Recently came across this.  I know my food pictures are seriously lacking, thanks to my super fancy camera (aka, my phone), but I just hope no one is mourning to them. 

  • Gael Garcia Bernal sports a monkey tail beard. Need I say more? (16 seconds in)


  1. I hope you're gonna post separately about the shipwreck!

    1. Well, let's just say I was using the term "ship" rather loosely. It was a lot more like a canoe and a lot less like a ship. But I feel it was just as harrowing as a shipwreck would be.