Friday, June 22, 2012

Crafting + Running

I saw this wall display on etsy and instantly knew that I wanted to recreate it.  One can always use more wall art, right? 

The idea lingered in my head for some time until two nights ago when I was out for a run.  I accidentally strayed from my normal route and came upon a house with a giant pile of trash out front.  SCORE!  (Please do not encourage this behavior in those whom you love.  Slippery slope.)  The medal display came back to me, and I found a piece of siding that would be perfect.  Engines ignite.  Craft mode is on. 

This what the board looked like when I brought it home.  I couldn't saw through the board to straighten the edges.  I liked the rustic-ness of the edges, so I kept them. 

Then I painted it using dark blue acrylic paint. (FYI: very varied lighting coming up, making it difficult to discern the colors. The last picture is most accurate.)

I drew a saying on the board and painted it with chartreuse, turquoise, and blue. (And yes, I recognize the saying is dripping with cheese.)

I drilled six holes at the bottom and screwed in 7/8" cup hooks from Lowe's. I hammered in a picture hanger on the backside. 

Finished product! Now I'm off to find all my old race medals, a task that's going to be harder than it seems, considering I have moved 82 times in the past 7 years. If I can't find them, oh well; I'll just have to keep doing races to fill up my display. 

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  1. Love the medal board! And I condone stealing scraps (in fact, I'm sitting on a piece of janked furniture).