Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy July 5th!

The July 4ths of my childhood were spectacular affairs.  My family would gather with the families of my parents' college friends at Summerhouse in Crescent Beach, FL.  While we had a week of festivities, July 4th would always include: 
  • Endless dives off the diving board (with endless goading of the bullshot-drinking dads to "Rate my dive!")
  • Watching Wimbledon in a wet swimsuit
  • Woz dogs (I can describe a woz dog to you as a hot dog with a slice of cheese inside grilled on a charcoal grill by a man named Woz wearing a bumblebee striped shirt, but its prestige transcends the English language. Perhaps one of those 284 words for love in Eskimo would work.)
  • Flag cake (simply ubiquitous)
  • A choreographed dance routine (video evidence will unfortunately corroborate this)

This year I incorporated some of that childhood magic into my Independence Day. 

First there was this. 

And later this. 

And a wet swimsuit bike ride in between. 

And then there was this to eat. 

It's no flag cake, but I thought it was pretty cute.  I made the crust with this recipe.  The white, coconut cream pie. Recipe here.  It's a winner.  I cut out stars of the crust and baked them separately for about 10 minutes at 375 (brushed with milk and sprinkled with sugar beforehand).  The blue, blackberry pie.  Recipe here.  Delicious and couldn't be any easier. 

And then there was the red. Oh, the red! I'm not sure why the blue worked so well and the red was a major fail, but it was. The cherry pie recipe is here, and it was good-tastin' but not so good-lookin'. If I make this again, Betty Crocker strawberry pie will my red. It's as tried and true as Old Glory.

And then this morning, there was the feeling of having been run over by a mac truck.  Bike wreck, ship wreck, slip n slide wreck(s).  As the dogs say, 2012 has been rough.  But here's to hoping the rest of 2012 involves just as many adventurous activities with the potential for non-serious injuries! 

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