Sunday, April 15, 2012

All Aboard the Cycling Wagon

I have been a runner for the last 18 years, and it's always been my #1 fitness activity of choice.  I consider myself to be quite the capable runner, and I have acquired a bit of hardware over the years to back it up.

While fast and furious on my feet I may be, I have no real athletic skills.  Yet that hasn't stopped me from trying to find that niche sport that I'm going to make my millions doing.

The normal ones: tennis, golf, basketball, softball, swimming, soccer, figure skating, squash, volleyball, racquetball.  The outdoorsy ones: kayaking, water skiing, snow skiing, surfing. The more recreational ones: billiards, darts, wiffle ball, bocce ball, badminton, table tennis, bowling, cornhole, broomball, horseshoes.

While I thoroughly enjoy my time on the ice rink, in a kayak, and at the dart board, my skill level in all of the above activities is mediocre to poor.  Yet I'm still on a mission to find my hidden athletic talent.  Next on my list: falconry, jai alai, and car racing.

Tangential to this lifelong quest, I have recently found the perfect companion to my running: bicycling.  I have always somewhat enjoyed biking as a means of transportation or a fun recreational activity, but I never thought of it as a fitness opportunity.  Until now.  I got a new bike about six weeks ago, and it is a dream.  It's lightweight, smooth, fast, and even has that new-bike smell.  Living one minute from the longest bike trail in Memphis affords me the opportunity to ride often.

And I love it.

Today I participated in my first duathlon.  While a complete success it was not (see: bike wreck, mi 6), I had fun and really enjoyed the atmosphere of the race.  So Lance, don't get too comfortable in your yellow jersey. I'm coming for you.

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