Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Fashion Challenge: Week 17

This is the last week of the fashion challenge, and while I'll still try to wear some new outfits in the new year, I'm not going to be so strict with the "no repeat" rule. Also, it was another week (weak?) at school, and I saved all my photos for the end, hence the same hair, make-up, and lighting. On to the outfits!

Monday (Day 54):
Gray button down from Old Navy, black jeans from J. Crew, and a scarf that Daddy Pattiwagon brought me back from Uganda. And tennies, because it's standardized testing season. Only happens, like, six times a year.

Tuesday (Day 55):
Black top and sweater from Target and blue/black skirt from the Unclaimed Baggage Store, leggings, and black booties. It has gotten a little large (well, I've gotten a little smaller), so I took some alterations practice and took in the sides to maintain a snug, high-waisted fit. 

Wednesday (Day 56): 
Black Banana pants and tunic made by Mama Pattiwagon with a pattern reminiscent of deviled eggs or avocados. The Clayton ladies may all have matching ones. It's one of those shirts that I really like but can't wear so often. See: memorable print. 

Thursday (Day 57): 
For my last day of the challenge, I chose this black skirt with exposed gold zippers on the sides. Exposed gold zippers are a fashion trend I plan to keep, even if I have to add them myself. I believe this skirt was a purchase Mama Pattiwagon made at her favorite consignment shop. It was a little big for me, so you can see more of my alterations handiwork this week. The skirt is form fitting with an elastic waistband, so I just took one side in a couple inches. Definitely not a professional job, but this is a fashion challenge, and I wasn't going to pay for that! I'm wearing it with a Bargain Barn top and cardigan from Target. 

So that concludes the fashion challenge, Pattiwagoners. Thanks for following along! 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Fashion Challenge: Week 16

Despite the nearing conclusion* to the fashion challenge, I've got four brand new outfits for this week.

*Debating on whether or not to continue the challenge in January. I've got the clothes to wear, but I'm longing to pull out some of my old favorites for a re-wear. Stay tuned for my decision.

On to the outfits!

Monday (Day 50):
Baby blue cable-knit sweater from the Gap that I'm thinking was a Christmas present many years ago and gray plaid pants from my dear Target. Topped with pearls, I'm ready for Chapel Hill.

Tuesday (Day 51):
This dress was given to me by a colleague last year. It is a bit too big, but I remedied the length by just hacking a few inches off the bottom. Polyester blend means no hemming needed! Wore it with a black Banana blazer.

Wednesday (Day 52):
Another Christmas sweater from Ann Taylor Loft with J. Crew black pants and my beloved Target riding boots.

Thursday (Day 53):
Super cheap (and poorly made) dress from Target that has somehow survived many wearings over the last ten years. I love this dress, but it defies the laws of nature. I'm not complaining though; hopefully it'll last me another ten years. In the winter I wear it with leggings and a sweater, here a camel-colored Limited cardigan (which, yes, has appeared before in the challenge).

Saturday (Bonus (brag) Day!):
This was my outfit on Saturday for the St. Jude (half) marathon in Memphis. While I was signed up for the full, I decided in October to downgrade to the half. It was disappointing at the time; however, the half was so enjoyable and manageable that I may just opt for that distance for the foreseeable future. We shall see.