Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 4th Treat

This post is super ill-timed, but I worry I'll forget about these little patriotic gems.  So you'll just have to put it under your hat for the next 359 days. 

In searching for a patriotic dessert to take to a July 4th party, my mom and I got overwhelmed with the influx of red white and blue this, red white and blue that.  I mean, I love a flag cake as much as the next girl, but can we agree that it is a bit hackneyed? 

So, I happened upon this site and immediately knew I had to recreate them.  Upon further searching, these avian confections are a little more ubiquitous than I thought (especially among Philadelphia Eagles fans), but I had never seen them before, and they were a huge hit at the party! 

The recipe is fairly simple.  Dip a marshmallow in melted white chocolate, then roll all but one side in shredded coconut.  Attach it to a chocolate covered oreo.  Let it harden a bit, and then insert a cashew for the beak and draw on eyes with black decorator gel. 

Disclaimer: To describe the taste in one word, I would say "sweet." Two words, "super sweet." Three, "overly super sweet." You get the drift, right?  They are a lot more about the looking and a lot less about the tasting. 

So save this post for the next year, and you'll be a huge hit at your July 4th party!