Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Little Whetting of your July Appetite

Here are four things coming up on the Patti Wagon in July.  And lucky you! You're riding shotgun on the Patti Wagon for all these adventures.

1. Summer Workshop.  Starting Monday, I will don my costumes (pirate, Gaga, vampire, Potter, rapper), make a complete fool out of myself, and hopefully in turn, teach my students some SAT vocab.  We have been working like crazy getting everything set up just the way we like it.  The photo below is just a taste of the snack area. I'll post pictures of the finished product later this week.

2. A two week-long whirlwind trip that will lead me from Memphis to New York to Florida to Kentucky.  It will culminate in two of my favorite Clayton family traditions - canning camp and cousin camp.  This will be the sixth anniversary of canning camp, but the first since I started my blog. Look forward to a photo diary of the week.  I might even reveal a recipe.  (By the way, cousin camp = (boating + beer - children) × all the cousins on my dad's side. I do not expect any further questions on that.)

3. A guest post on home brewing from Bro Lo / El Cuñado.  There are so many things right about that sentence.  If you are not familiar with BL / EC, start watching The League. It's a favorite.

4. Two giveaways!  I'm partnering with my mom's blog, and we'll both have giveaways in July.  Be sure to check back later for all the details. 

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