Monday, July 9, 2012


Today was the first day of Summer Workshop, and I'm as tired as [insert clever simile] <<<<< too tired to come up with one.  I had a 6am - 6pm day at school, and I'll be back at 6am tomorrow to do it all over again.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it, so I guess it's all worth it blah blah blah.

But let's get real, who's going to rub my tired feet tonight?

Here's the set-up: 

Red carpet. Notice the step and repeat on the left. Clever, right?

Swag bags

Any guesses?

How about here? (The green room snack was m&m's with the brown ones removed.)

Love these signs!

Who wants to go home with a vuvuzela? Blow-up guitar?

Tomorrow is movie character day, i.e. lots of Twilight references. Team Edward!

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  1. so the riddle interests first guess was 'stars' (assuming the typical differentiation between the sun and the stars). my second guess was 'dreams'. and while i usually express things in lists of three, i really try to limit my guesses to just two. that way, you get to use the phrase, 'well, that was my second guess!' more aptly.