Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Latest Refashion: Shirt into Skirt

For my latest sewing project, I started with a shirt from Goodwill and set out to make a skirt. I was thrilled with this find. The gingham print is adorable, as are the details in the front pockets. I was on my own here with this project. (Read: no sewing sensei to guide me.) I loosely followed the instructions here, but I definitely exercised my own Patti Wagon creative license. (Read: no measuring, only seam-ripping, LOTS of seam-ripping.)
I started by cutting the shirt just above the pockets. I turned it inside-out and pinned in the sides. This part took a lot of guesswork, as it was quite challenging to pin it myself while wearing it. (Read: Now taking applications for a live-in sewing assistant. Must also be willing to do laundry and rub feet.) I kept the bottom of the shirt full and took the top in at an angle, almost up to the pockets.

Once I was happy with the fit, I was ready to make the waistband. I cut the sleeves into strips and then sewed them together to make one long 4-inch(ish) strip. I ironed on interfacing to give it some structure,  folded it in half, and then sewed it onto the top of the skirt. 

Next step, snaps! I also re-placed the buttons. The fabric was gathering slightly, so I moved each button down about 1/8". 
 Finished waistband. This might be the cleanest sewing I've ever done. Thanks, Husqvarna! (And Sensei!)

I chopped off about two inches from the bottom and hand-sewed a hem. 

Finished! Here are the two looks. 

Overall I am very happy with how it turned out. It wasn't an overwhelming project but still included pleasant amounts of hand- and machine-sewing.  My sewing skill set is improving with each project, and I am loving the number of hand-made (or refashioned) items that have crept into my wardrobe recently. 

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