Sunday, October 21, 2012

Barbecue Nachos

I found myself at home today with all the requisite ingredients for barbecue nachos.  (Don't ask!)  After completing an 18 mile run today, I decided I was deserving of a treat.  Now, let's get a couple things straight.  1) I often eat barbecue nachos even when I haven't gone on a dreadfully long run, so you can too!  Eat 'em every day if you so choose!  And 2) I live in Memphis, right?  The birthplace of the novelty barbecue item.  If I craving barbecue pizza, I go to Coletta's.  If I want barbecue spaghetti, I go to Interstate.  And if I want barbecue nachos, I go to Central.  There is no second option.  But today I thought of my readers unlucky enough to live outside Memphis.  What happens when you crave barbecue nachos???  Do you even know that barbecue nachos is a thing??? 

In doing a quick internet search, I discovered several recipes for "barbecue nachos" served with all manner of toppings- sour cream, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, black olives.  I have one word: travesty.  These are not nachos with barbecued pork instead of ground beef or chicken.  This is barbecued pork with tortilla chips serving merely as the vehicle to get the pork into your belly.  Instead of the bun.  Or if you're in Memphis, instead of the noodles, pizza crust, salad greens, baked potato, you get the idea.  (Who's ready to move here?!?)

No?  Well, without further ado, I present my version of Central BBQ's barbecue nachos. 

1. Get your hands on some barbecued pork.  I slow-cooked and froze a pork butt a few months ago.  You might remember it from these posts here and here and here and here. (This pork sure does get a lot of play at my house.  Hmm.  That's what he hopes she'd say?)   I defrosted it, shredded it, and then heated it up on med-high in some oil olive in my iron skillet. 

2. Chips.
 3. Barbecued pork.
 4. Nacho cheese.
 5. Barbecue sauce.
 6. Shredded cheddar cheese.
 7. Jalapenos and barbecue rub.  (Both optional, but both delicious.)
8. Bury your face.  They are that good.  I'm not claiming they're better than Central.  That would be heresy, but they are a great substitute.  

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