Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Notes

I had the consummate fall weekend this weekend, and it was glorious! It included (in no particular order) high school football, multiple cups of hot cocoa, a costume party, one pumpkin spice latte, college football, a pumpkin carving party, multiple bowls of soup, a crisp run, and lots of fall foliage! 

As someone who unabashedly loves costumes in all forms, I look forward to planning and executing my Halloween costume every year. Growing up with an exceptionally crafty mother, I mostly wore homemade costumes. The cat costume on the right was a perennial favorite. 

I mostly side with homemade unless complete authenticity can be achieved. See below. Say no more. 

I found this gem of a jumpsuit at the Green River Road Goodwill circa 1991. Try not to be jealous. 

This year I wanted to stretch my creative muscles with my costume. I was set on Keyboard Cat and even went so far as to learn the song on my Casio keyboard, but I chickened out a few days before the party. There are two groups of people in the world - those who watch internet cat videos and those who don't (WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU???), and I feel like most of the people at this party belong in the latter group. Again I ask, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU??? What's not to love about a cat playing the keyboard?

After much deliberation, I decided to go with a more well-known internet meme, and one to which everyone in my generation can relate: the awkward school photo. 

I found a jpeg of the laser background and got it blown up at Kinko's. I mod-podged it to a foam board and pierced four small holes in it for straps. I got my awesome outfit at the Salvation Army, gave my hair the "fading perm" look, and put in my retainer. Belle of the ball!

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