Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jacket Refashion

Before I begin, I'm celebrating my 100th post today.  And my blog turns one in a few days.  What an exciting time for the Patti Wagon! Thanks for riding along.  Now, on to the jacket...

While on a refashioning shopping trip with my mom, I stumbled upon this gem in the boutique section of a thrift store.  It was very expensive; we're talking 25 dollars expensive, but I knew I could turn it into a jacket for kicking ass and taking names. 


The fringe placement was begging for a refashion. I started by removing the fringe along the wrists and front seams. I then glued (!) it to the back of the sleeves and along the bottom edge in a v-pattern.

I sewed buttons on the front and wove lace around the wrists for some design details. 


It turned out fabulous! (Which is probably not a word I should use while wearing this b.a. jacket.)

The hospice thrift store was flush with leather.  Avoiding the mink-trimmed, short-sleeved winter coat made of seal skin (seriously), my mom opted for this little number.  This purple leather mini skirt was cheap; we're talking 86 cents cheap.  Can't wait to see how she re-imagines it!

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  1. Jacket looks fabulous! Love the buttons and the detail at the wrist