Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cake, et. al.

A little birdie told me that someone has a birthday coming up.  That same little birdie also told me if I want a birthday cake, I best make it myself.  Now while I did make this under the guise of book club (City of Women, by the way. Excellent read.), I will be enjoying the leftovers henceforth as my birthday cake.

Of course I chose to make a sourdough cake. Recipe found here

Now, while I don't expect you to go run out and get a sourdough starter in order to make this cake, you should tuck the coffee icing recipe under your hat. It is yummy yummy and would be great on brownies, boxed chocolate cake, sugar cookies, and the like. 

In other news, I have gone all in with regards to the "eating as a 7th grader" trend. First it was pizza grilled cheese, and now this. Yes, those would be pizza hamburgers. Pizza taco next? 

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