Thursday, January 2, 2014

Muskrat Love

In addition to being a terrible Captain and Tennille (love them otherwise!) song, this is what I've been feeling over the last week.  I spent a week in Florida for Christmas and participated in many old traditions and some new traditions (bird! watching! at the dump!).  One of my anytime Florida traditions has become thrifting.  Thrift shops are better in Florida for two reasons, which I will detail here: 1) Heaven's waiting room has a lot to get rid of.  And 2) Transplants from the north realize they no longer need their furs.  

My mom and I went on Customer Appreciation Day, which means 50% off boutique items, aka anything with sequins and 20% off everything else.  After narrowing down my choices to five dresses (including a Freaky Friday velvet ensemble), I perused the non-clothing section, and what did I find, but my one true muskrat love, a muskrat pelt!?!  Now, it was oddly shaped and had no lining, but these things can be fixed.  (Side note: I wonder if each section is a little muskrat.  I do feel a tinge of guilt for the harming of muskrats, but not so much I could refuse the offer.)

What didn't need fixing was the beautiful coloring, warmth, and softness of the fur. 

And the nifty price tag. Remember, 20% off. 

As soon as I got back to Memphis, I got to working.  I actually purchased a pattern to use, exhibiting my dedication to the muskrat. Furs like this don't come around often, and I wasn't about to ruin it with slapdashery. 

It came together quite easily, and I couldn't be happier with it.  It was a hit on New Year's Eve, but I could also wear it to school.  I feel like I learn a lesson every time I sew, and the lesson of the muskrat vest is darts, darts, DARTS!  They make all the difference in the world in the fit of a vest.  So go out thrifting, find yourself a muskrat, and put some darts in it! 

Happy New Year, Pattiwagoneers! 


  1. - Muskrat Love was originally written and recorded by Willis Alan Ramsey in 1972 (originally titled Muskrat Candlelight). Born in Birmingham, raised in Dallas - it's no Austin, but Texas gladly claims him. He only released one album, unfortunately. I'll have to check into the Captain and Tennille cover. The band, America, also does a version (1973).

  2. I know a few people whose Fur Policy is: never buy new, but buy the shit out of old ones :) So enjoy your vest guilt-free!