Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Favorites

New favorite way to chop an onion:

Score the onion horizontally and vertically, then just slide over your mandolin. (You do have a mandolin, right???) Magically, perfectly sized onion pieces appear below.

New favorite way to cook a turkey:
With mayonnaise!

Some thoughts on mayonnaise: So I know certain people exist who do not enjoy foods such as mayonnaise, cream cheese, and sour cream. I don't know how you survive. I'm sure you've heard it before, but you are missing out on A LOT. Mayonnaise may be my current favorite ingredient. (Have I told you that my 30s are going to be my binge decade?) And, just so we're clear, there is only one brand of mayonnaise. That would be Hellmann's. And there's only one type. That would be in a jar with a royal blue lid. Get that squeezable low-fat crap out of here. And to all you mayonnaise haters, I recommend behavior therapy. Life is just better with mayo.

So I made this turkey breast last week, and it was positively perfection. I used chicken stock instead of the wine/beer. I recommend this technique to any and all turks out there. With my leftovers, I paid homage to my old Kentucky home. The Hot Brown honors my roots while simultaneously disgracing my arteries. Gotta love it. Once a year. (Unless it's #bingedecade)

New favorite salad dressing:

Yep, it's got mayonnaise in it. 

Some thoughts on salad dressing: I am generally not a fan of store-bought salad dressing. I tend to get bored with one jar after a while, and then it ends up wallowing in expiration purgatory. When I eat salad, I usually just prescribe to this recipe:
   1 part acid (rice vinegar, citrus juice, or a combination thereof)
   1 part sweet (brown sugar or honey)
   2 parts oil (olive, most frequently)
And then I load it up with a couple of other flavors I happen to on hand: mustard, herbs, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, peanut butter, etc.
I knew I wanted a kale salad last night, but I thought I would need a pretty robust dressing to stand up to the robust greens. I mixed together a squeeze of dijon mustard, the juice of half a lemon, and about a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Drizzle it on the kale, add some tomatoes, capers, and parmesan cheese, and yum!

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