Sunday, May 18, 2014


I originally saw this hashtag on Refashionista's blog and decided I wanted to participate. It's an Instagram project in which users wear an article of clothing they have made every day of the month of May. Simple enough, right? I started off well but faltered around the second weekend, lacking any homemade lounge clothes. Here are few of the items I've worn so far:




If you recognize some of these, congrats! You win a gold star for being an avid Pattiwagoneer! If you want to see the rest of the month, follow me on Instagram @pcc0383

The third weekend rolled around and I decided to refashion something new (oxymoron?). It's a simple enough project and only took me a couple hours. I made the bows out of black cotton fabric according to these directions.

Then I split open the back of an old shirt, pinned bias tape up the sides to hide the potentially fraying edges, and sewed the bows on. I wish I had cut off some extra fabric because the shirt is now a little too loose. Oh well, I'm lounging in it right now on this lazy Sunday. #learningexperience

I'm calling it my "ooh lala shirt."

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