Friday, August 22, 2014

Five Friday Facts

1. Hurr. I got rid of 17 inches last weekend. Glorious!

2. Project Runway. I have been a loyal viewer for many seasons (double digits, probably), and while I still watch it, this season has gone way to avant garde for my tastes. I prefer the import previous seasons have put on fit, tailoring, and wearability. This season's goal seems to be the weirder, the better. Sandhya must go.

3. Molly meal. I went to the Olive Branch farmer’s market last weekend, and a sweet farmer loaded me up with green beans and kale for $5. There are perks of rolling up five minutes before closing. (Are my continuous mentions of being cheap getting old? Let me know. I’ll stop.) I have been eating these veggies all week. While my beans are no where near Molly’s or Jane’s they are passable. And I'll take a passable Molly meal over no Molly meal. The kale, on the other hand, has been, like my hair, a glorious revelation. I know kale has reached hackneyed status, but I still like it. If you haven’t tried this salad, get yourself some kale and go for it. I dare you to find an easier salad dressing that mustard, mayo, and lemon juice. (I do prefer Chinese mustard. *fancy*)

4. Also a recent revelation has been baked oatmeal. I have documented my relationship with oatmeal here. I’m back on the oatmeal wagon, but this time around, it must be baked, casserole style. I’ve tried this blueberry recipe and this vegan carrot cake recipe. The verdict? I liked the flavor of the carrot cake better, but the texture of the blueberry one was perfect. The eggs made a big difference there. The next time I make it, I’ll be experimenting. Stay tuned. 

5. Why is running 10 miles easier than 6x600 meters? For the first time in 7 (?) years, I did not sign up for the Memphis marathon or half marathon. I was too happy last year that it got canceled to justify going through the process again. Instead, I’ve been working on my speed and trying to get my 5k time consistently below 24:00. I’m running a race at my school this weekend. Wish my luck! I’d like to prove that Frau C has a little BA in her.

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