Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fashion Challenge: Week 12

Confession: I had a very tired start to my week and ended up not taking any photos throughout the week. However, I didn't stop the challenge. I also didn't want to let down my loyal readers, so I recreated my outfits on this Sunday afternoon. Hence, the hair, makeup, and lighting are quite consistent in these photos. ;) 

Monday (Day 34): 

Cream colored cable knit sweater with button details on the back with black jeans and brown booties. Love this fall outfit. Sweater from TJ Maxx, I think. Jeans from J. Crew, and booties from Rack Room. 

Tuesday (Day 35): 

I was happy to recreate this look, as my 3:40 alarm clock did not leave much time or energy for hair and makeup on this day. Sorry, colleagues and students, I was looking, as the dogs say, rough on this Tuesday. But I didn't mind, because I got an extra day with an extra special houseguest. <blushing> Back to the look. Light blue sweater from Loft was a Christmas gift from Laurel a few years ago. Pants are simple J. Crew black. And flats are Nine West. Topped it off with pearls. 

Wednesday (Day 36): 

Every piece of clothing has a story. This dress has a STORY. The year was 2012. I was sitting on an airplane on the way back from New York. I was bringing bedbugs back to Memphis. For the second time. (That's another STORY.) This time, I was determined not to bring them back to my house, so as I flew itch-ily through the sky, I developed a plan. I can't remember every step in the plan, but it involved going to Target to buy the cheapest dress I could readily find. This dress was an angel from heaven. Six dollars and hanging in the front of the store. TMI alert, I stripped all (read: all) my clothes in the laundromat bathroom and wore this dress as I laundered all my clothes and sprayed all my shoes, suitcase, carry-on bag, and car upholstery. All this at 11PM at night. I'm sure I looked deranged. But I successfully decontaminated myself and all my belongings before I came back home. And I added a great dress to my wardrobe, so I don't care how crazy I seemed. Conquering bedbugs twice is a feat of which I'm very proud. But for obvious reasons, I don't much like to publicize it. 

The dress had a longer hem in the back than in the front, a feature I don't generally like, so I asked Mama Pattiwagon to straighten up the hem, which she did graciously. I paired the dress with dark red tights, brown boots (another STORY for another day) and a Limited camel cardigan I've had since college. 

Thursday (Day 37): 

The stories here are not that interesting (or memorable...), so I'll just give it to you straight. Color block plaid button-down from Modcloth, black jeans from J. Crew, and black booties from TJ Maxx (maybe?). 

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