Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh Baby! (Part 3)

The desserts and decorations at the shower were the real show stoppers. The theme of the shower was literacy. (What? I'm a teacher.) We encouraged all the guests to bring a book to help stock the baby's library. One of our activities was making an alphabet book, and a lot of the decor centered on books and baby blocks.



There were carrot ginger cupcakes from Muddy's, a local bakery in Memphis. LB made these gorgeous cupcake toppers. So cute!

Fortune Cookies


Another pinterest idea. I wrote baby-centric fortunes and folded them inside the fortune cookies. Some were sentimental (Baby will live a long life full of happiness and joy), some were personal (Baby will have an affinity for ketchup), and some were just ridiculous (Baby will grow up to be a famous trapeze artist). I used this Martha Stewart recipe. I only baked them for about 5 minutes though. The one problem I encountered was that fortunes stuck to the inside of the cookies. I'm not sure what the solution to that is, but the next time I have an occasion to make fortune cookies, I'll have to experiment some more.



Katie and LB tackled this department. Katie made the gorgeous diaper cake, and LB painstakingly made the tissue paper flowers.


We played a trivia game about babies, and Jackie did quite well! Except she's going to have to improve her knowledge of toddler cartoon characters. Caillou? Anyone else? I could get into that.

We also gave everyone a page from an alphabet book to decorate. I'll laminate and bind the pages to make baby's first alphabet book.

Katie made hot chocolate mix and layered it with lots of toppings in baby bottles, and I made a fabric flower name tag for everyone.  Mark me officially obsessed with fabric flowers. 

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  1. Man - I ate about 3 of those fortune cookies tonight - they're still tasting good!