Friday, June 14, 2013

Refashion: Can I Pull off a Romper?

The short answer, no. 
The long answer, see below.

I snagged these pants at the Bargain Barn last weekend, and my first thought was to turn them into a romper. I was inspired by Refashionista, who was, in turn, inspired by Lena Dunham.

So, I ripped out the pant leg seams from about the knees up, and then sewed them up the center to create a longer torso.  I tried it on with a belt, dice.  It was decidedly not becoming.  As you can see.  I fear my romper-wearing days may have ended at the age of three, not thirty-three.

So I scratched the romper plan and decided to go with a dress.  I ripped out the pant leg seams, sewed it straight down the center, and then took the sides in quite a bit.  I love the pairing with the loose belt. Perhaps cowboy boots as well!

Here's a nice before and after shot. 

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