Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gold Medal Refashion

I got sucked into ice dancing this lazy Sunday afternoon (Yes, I agree.  Whhhhyyyy???  But it happened.)  I'm officially over Candy Crush.  (That is, until I'm not anymore.)  So I found myself looking for something to do.  A huge pile of potential refashions languishing in my sewing room shouted out to me, so I went foraging.  I actually can't even remember where I bought these pieces (perhaps Bargain Barn of Bartlett), but they went very quickly from drab to fab. 

I attacked the t-shirt first, turning it into a tank top. As you can see, I used an existing tank as the pattern and just sewed new seams. I didn't even bother hemming the neckline or arm holes, as it's jersey. We'll just see how long it lasts. 

For the skirt, I ripped out the back zipper, took it in about three inches, sewed the zipper back in and hacked off a couple feet off the bottom. Overall I'm very pleased with the look. 

This is probably how I'll style it. Note, I turned the couple feet I hacked off from the bottom into an infinity scarf. So easy!