Thursday, March 13, 2014

Craft Life

is really similar to thug life, in case you were curious. 

This week is Spring Break, and I decided to exercise my crafting muscles. I completed three projects; two are already hanging on my walls. One is hanging out in the trash bin. Not bad for two days work, right? 

1. Kitty clock, check it! This clock screams crafter 4 daiz, which, by the way, is a new phrase the kids are saying. Aren't you glad to have a high school teacher in your life? Pattiwagon 4 daizzzzzz, yo! I found clock making to be very pain-free. The kit cost $7.99, which I also found relatively pain-free.

 2. Next artwork is blank canvas, purple paint streaks, and gold leaf. I loves it. 

 3. And finally, this is the one salvaged part of my failed craft. I bought six boards boards and painted them shabby chic style. (This technique is super easy - paint one coat white, then rub candle wax all over the edges or anywhere else you want to look rustic, paint gray, and then sand.) I had six signs like this printed at Staples, and I was going to decorate my kitchen entry way with them. Well, this is the only one that turned out, so be it. It reminds me of the subway art I did last year. 

Informal poll, which one is your favorite? And, could you envision something like this on etsy? Asking for a friend.