Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Treat Yo self

Are there people out there who don't love breakfast? I would put them in the same category as those who don't like rainbows and internet cat videos and baby pandas and Otis Redding. What's wrong with you weirdos? On the weekends, I plan my days around breakfast, thinking about breakfast, planning for breakfast, making breakfast, eating breakfast, thinking about my next breakfast, you get the idea. A Patti Wagon breakfast is the sine qua non of a good weekend. (Take that, SAT vocab section!)

My birthday fell on a Saturday this year, and celebrations commenced on Friday with a long-awaited trip to the grocery. As I walked the aisles, contemplating how I could treat myself, my mind wandered to a much beloved but long absent breakfast from my life: the smoked salmon bagel.

A life with accouterments is a life worth living. Chisel that on my gravestone. 

I had successful Patti Wagon birthday, finally completing my art wall and making a batch of cheese. You can read all about my exploits in cheese making here

The ricotta did not disappoint; in fact, it produced such a surfeit of deliciously creamy cheesiness, I have been slipping it into everything I eat, including these Sunday morning pancakes. I used my sourdough pancake recipe but stirred in about 1/2 of the ricotta before cooking them. 

(You know how some people are against gay marriage because they conjecture that men would start marrying dogs? Umm, how would they feel about me marrying these pancakes? 'Cause I'd like to.) 

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  1. I recommend to "TREAT YO SELF" quite often, knowing full well no one knows what I'm referencing. Will it make you jealous to know that for the last 3 years I drowned myself in all things breakfast....for work?! Speaking of, I hope that was a Thomas' bagel because they're my jam.