Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fashion Challenge: Week 15

Alright, Pattiwagoneers. We are nearing the end of the challenge. I have only two normal real weeks of school left plus a week a finals, in which I assume I'll be getting some jean days. The post covers the week before Thanksgiving break. I hope everyone reading had a restful and delicious Thanksgiving. I certainly did, enjoying time with both Andy and my family. On to the week-old fashion: 

Monday (Day 46): 

Black pants from J. Crew, aquamarine sweater from Banana received as a Christmas gift from Laurel a few years ago, and old standby Sperry's. I added my "Put A Bird On It" necklace (also received as a Christmas gift from Laurel) to complete this relaxed look. 

Tuesday (Day 47): 

This is a Bargain Barn special I dug out of a bin for a dollar about five years ago. I wear it sparingly (see: quality, poor), but I chose the right day this year, as I found out at school I would be giving a speech at the middle school NHS induction that same evening. Thanks to kismet I was already looking professional. 

Wednesday (Day 48):  

I documented the creation of this $8 vest on the Pattiwagon here. It's one of my proudest creations, and three years later, it's still going strong. I'm wearing it with a black cowl sweater, black J. Crew pants, and my favorite booties. (And yes, I'm still dressing for the weather I want. It was almost 70 degrees on this Wednesday.) (Both the sweater and booties were Christmas gifts from my parents. Really getting into the Christmas spirit this week!) 

Thursday (Day 49): 

This Thursday look was sponsored by Target. Shirt, pants, and vest are all Targe. (Confession, the vest is a repeat wear from Week 6. But you won't hold that against me, will you?) Shoes are my favorite mocs. 

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