Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day 4.0 (!)

Another year, another Valentine's on the Patti Wagon. You can read up on past Clayton family V-Days here and here and here. I had been toying with some ideas over the last couple weeks, and then thankfully, I was hit with two no snow snow days last week. I was able to work on my cards and get them in the mail. 

Remember this power tool tease shot?
I sawed a heart out of some scrap wood and came up with this card for my dad, a life long lover of puns. 

Keeping with the wood theme, I made this for my sister.

The puns began to get painful, so I made this scratch off card for my mom. I printed the card on photo paper and then taped over the words with clear packing tape. I mixed together two parts paint and one part dish soap and painted over the tape. My test run scratched right off, so I'm hoping the final version didn't fail me. 

Although I do enjoy the creation of Valentines, that pales in comparison to receiving them. This year saw a strong showing from all members. 

From my sister, 10(!) year old Hanukkah gelt! 

From my dad, a pun, of course. 

And from my mom, something artsy, but this year with a very topical reference to my stick blender

I hope y'all had a great Valentine's Day! If you didn't get me a present, wood you keep reading the Patti Wagon? 


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  1. Ha! I'm a big fan of the porpoise, but props to your mom for taking the current-events route :)