Saturday, October 14, 2017

Window Treatments a la Pattiwagon: Part II

(Note: So this is only four and half years since Part I of the post. For those without a storage unit memory, let me remind you that I made some curtains for my friend Jackie's nursery. You can refresh your memory here.)

I enjoy all of my craftings, but I do not consider myself anywhere close to an expert. My interior design consists of trying to cram as much stuff as possible into my house without looking like a hoarder, which I am not. Promise. I just have a lot of stuff. I love seeing my fingerprints (and those of my family and friends) on so many different pieces in my house. 

Window treatments had been at the bottom of the priority list since I moved in. My house had plain mini-blinds. Ugly and cheap, yes, but they did a fine job of shading and shielding. Last year, however, I got new windows, so I figured it was a fine time for some proper window treatments. 

I did what any good (and frugal) crafter would do; I set out to make my own. Starting off easy (and cheap), I bought some IKEA curtains, which I simply sewed in half and hemmed the bottom to fit two small living room windows. Once those were hung, I removed the mini-blinds and now regularly enjoy the open-curtain and open-window view out of my living room. 

Feeling content (yet not challenged) with my work there, I decided to up my game on my bedroom window treatments and try roman shades. I found this tutorial and armed myself with gray blackout fabric, blackout lining fabric, fabric glue, and cheap mini blinds. That's all you need to DIY! I won't repeat all the instructions, but here a couple photos of the process. Start to finish, the first one took about three hours and the second one about two. 

Sewing Sensei, be sure to check out my mitered corner. I learned from the best. Also, hi, foot. 

Here's the finished look: 

I'm really happy with how they turned out. I do wish that I had made them a little wider to block out more light, but alas, I'm an amateur. Now, I have one window left to treat. I'm thinking a DIY valance. Check back later for Part III, hopefully within three years. 

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