Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Recent Craftings

Here are some crafts I've been working on recently: 

Fabric Flowers

I experimented with several different types, and I had the most luck/ease with the version from Lil Boo Blue:
as a hairpin
three glued together to embellish a belt
view from the back
Thanks to Susan Clayton for sewing the belt attachment.

Decorative Plates 

I'm still perfecting my technique on these, but I like the process a lot, and I'm excited to keep trying. It's a glass plate with a piece of scrapbook paper mod podged to the bottom. See Pretty Handy Girl for instructions. 

Ornaments (Anyone else still riding the Christmas spirit wave?)

My sister made this golden snitch Christmas ornament, and I had to share it. 

It just barely eclipses the immortal ice cream cone as my favorite Christmas tree ornament.


This ice cream cone is 23 years old.