Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No Snow Snow Day, How Do I Love Thee?

And what better way to celebrate than with a breakfast pizza breakfast in bed? (Fried egg on pizza is officially >>>>>)

So apparently it snowed in North Mississippi last night. While we saw none of it in Memphis, I will totally take a snow day, especially after a month of snow day teases. I have scientifically determined that 33 degrees and raining is the worst weather ever. 

So on this no snow snow day, I thought I'd update my blog with a little of this and a little of that. 

1. More bulletin boarding, yesplease. I worry this blog is slowly morphing into a bulletin board blog, but that doesn't stop me from participating in my one true love. With Black History Month in progress, I did two MLK themed boards. 

2. I have been transportationally challenged for the past 10 days (#priushospital), and with the worst weather ever, what better opportunity to watch a new TV show?  I am always a fan of raunchy comedies, and Workaholics does not disappoint. The 90s references and puns are great, and I always like seeing comedies with real life friends (It's Always Sunny, for example.)

3. Valentine's Day is Friday, so all you Pattiwagoneers know what that means! Homemade V-Day card post is imminent. I broke out the power tools for this year's cards! You can reminisce with the Clayton family tradition from 2013 and 2012