Friday, August 4, 2017

Fashion Challenge: Week 1

There is a saying in the teaching world (not sure how commonly known it is outside of our realm) that teachers are supposed to dress only in black until December. You know, to inspire the funereal atmosphere that is a hallmark of all educational institutions. 

Clearly, I don't subscribe to that tenet or that attitude. And, after eleven years and two days of teaching, I think I'm mostly doing alright. However, I did subscribe to the all black look on the first day, mostly because I just love this dress. (See you in January, buddy.)

The dress is a classic shift design with exposed gold zippers on front pockets and up the back. Unfortunately I can't remember when or where I bought it, but it's been a fav for several years. Shoes are my beloved peep toe Nine West flats with gold detail. (You'll be seeing these a lot.) 


Although Fridays won't count toward my fashion challenge, here you can see my typical Friday aesthetic. There are not a lot of perks in the school year for teachers, so jean Friday is one we hold sacred. These are J. Crew toothpick-fit jeans, paired with another beloved shoe, my light brown Sperrys. (You'll be seeing a lot of these, too. Just wish you could see more of them in the photo. Clearly I need to work on my photo taking skills. Good thing I'll have lots of days to practice.)

Week 1 is complete; 17 to go!